StudioB is headquarters to the three media courses at Golden West High School: Introduction of Video Advanced Digital Film, and Broadcast Media.  StudioB got its name from the idea that a studio is a nurturing place where creativity thrives, where original products are fashions, where a student's creativity and independent thought are celebrated. The "B" stands for "Blazers", the Golden West Trailblazers, a theme that invites each student to chart their own path, a personal journey filled with ambition, adventure, and adversity.

The pedagogy of StudioB is centered around hands-on experiences where students learn in a "make & take it" fashion rather than a "sit & git" mode. Students address real-life events and real-life concerns through visual communication, ethical behavior, and creative expression.


Students in StudioB fly Business Class. The courses taught in StudioB are under the Business Department but beyond the catalog placement, the expectations in StudioB are raised to professional business class; they are sky high as students learn that hard work pays off and personal responsibility is a stepping stone to future success. In StudioB, each student builds and maintains a professional digital footprint through all forms of electronic communication. In StudioB, students develop executive skills as they become self-starters and independent workers. Students manage a workflow that includes daily emails, cloud-based documents, shared calendaring, and instant messaging. Students in StudioB populate their own YouTube channel with original films and develop technical skills with industry standard software. Students in StudioB learn to engage the world and meet client demands. Students in StudioB fly Business Class.


Students in StudioB develop generative skills that last a lifetime. These skills are learned fresh daily; they include: teamwork, communication, personal discipline, criticism management, resiliency, adaptability, precision, and delayed gratification.

StudioB is a Permeable Classroom ... a learning space without walls or locked gates ... a space where student agency is fostered.

  • Students are often invited to meet the world through industry-minded activities, guest speakers, and Google Hangouts.
  • The World is often invited INTO the classroom to articulate reality, share stories of struggle and success, as well as spark students to see farther, reach higher, and achieve greater.



Mr. Smith, the guide on the side of StudioB.