Great filmmakers never stop learning. They learn from others by observing their work. They also learn from their own mistakes through personal reflection and critic comments. To be a lifelong learner, each student must develop confidence in their own ability to learn independent from the teacher. This confidence is charged when students clearly notice their skills progress over time. This process is shown through publication, peer comments, personal reflection and metacognition. This type of self-learning is made highly visible through an active portfolio (Helen Barrett, 2005). 

       In the Web Portfolio unit, students will develop the fundamental understanding of a portfolio as a powerful learning tool. They will learn how to design and maintain an electronic portfolio using Google Sites. Their Web Portfolio will expand throughout the year as new media projects are completed. Such a portfolio may even expand to a lifetime digital story space (Helen Barrett, 2009).


  • CTE 1.0 ACADEMICS - Students understand that academic content required for entry into postsecondary education and/or employment in the Arts, Media, Entertainment Sectors.
  • CTE 3.0 CAREER PLANNING & MANAGEMENT - Students formulate career plans based on aptitudes, applied decisions strategies and research.
  • CTE 11.0 DEMONSTRATION & APPLICATION - Students demonstrate and apply concepts composing the Arts, Media, Entertainment pathway.


       During an interview for your dream job, the interview panel asks you to share some of your original work that would demonstrate your filmmaking skills. You pull out your tablet and open your Web Portfolio. You wirecast it onto a nearby flatscreen and narrate through your many projects before the amazed eyes of your interviewers. The panel is so impressed with your organization skills, your depth of knowledge, and your ability to track your own learning that they hire you on the spot then give you a raise even before your first day.
 ...  or  ... 

       A philanthropist is looking for a person to make a short film to entertain her guests or help educate her clients about her important cause. She heard that you might be a good fit. What will you do to convince her that she should hire you for the job?