This short unit (5-8 day) easily fits into any season of the curriculum map (fall or spring) and can be chunked with shorter teaching days when something like a testing schedule disrupts the normal class periods. The unit introduces new Google skills (collaboration) and Post-Production skills (audio filter effects). It reinforces previous FPCX skills (titles, music, Ken Burns). The unit invites students submit their work to actual city Chamber Bureaus.


  • CTE 2.0 Communications - Students understand the principles of effective oral, written, and multimedia communication in various formats and content (e.g., film, flyers, ads, billboards).
  • CTE 10.0 Technical Knowledge & Skills - Students demonstrate technical skills common to pathways in the Arts, Media, and Entertainment fields, including academic vocabulary.


Each summer, young families spend billions of dollars on vacations to cities across America. These cities compete for a share of the tourism spending to stimulate economic activity in their area. The Chamber of Commerce for a large city has hired you to produce a 30-second commercial that would entice young families to visit their city during the summer (or Christmas Holiday) vacation season. Your target audience will be young families with kids.



  • Las Vegas by Robert Lopez (strong script selling the city)
  • Orlando by Anali Gonzalez (sync pictures to music)
  • Las Vegas by Tucker Stainbrook (fast pace pictures to the music, compelling script)
  • Miami by Vanessa Ramirez (visual mix with narration; use of titles)
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