Consider starting the year immediately with a timely unit (every 4 years) that introduces and practices the basic mechanics of FCPX & Google Apps. From this skill-set, students can quickly progress to camera technique and storytelling.

Another pitch is to consider the high-value of establishing a powerful culture of learning in your class with the first assignment. The Human-Interest Project invites students to question what "inspiration" is, where it comes from, and how it breeds success in student lives. 


  • CTE 10.0 Technical Knowledge & Skill - Students demonstrate technical skills and academic vocabulary common to pathways in the Arts, Media, and Entertainment fields.
  • VAPA 2.0 Creative Expression - Students apply artistic processes and technical skills using a variety of formats and genres to communicate meaning and intent of original work.


The world needs a hero's story and a channel to broadcast it. NBC, the television network covering the 2016 Olympics is receiving their highest ratings in history so they want to increase coverage. The problem is that they don't have enough human-interest stories about the athletes. They posted an "open-call" for independent filmmakers to produce short human-interest stories about an athlete. The story must include the hero's inspiration, motivation, an obstacle he/she had to overcome, and how he/she overcame it.


          2016  Period 2  |  Period 3