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This project is a student-favorite. Most all kids love music and they've watched a ton of music videos. The free-flowing, spontaneous nature of the finished video seems like it would be fun to produce. As such, this project is typically held toward the end of the year.  The unit also takes a wide step across Copyright issues. This is the perfect time to engage students in Ethics & Legal Responsibilities (CTE Standard 8.0). CREWS can be self-selected ranging from 2-8 in size.


  • CTE 2.0 Communications - Students understand the principles of effective oral, written, and multimedia communication in various formats and contents (e.g. film genres).
  • CTE 8.0 Ethics & Legal Responsibilities - Each student's professional, ethical and legal behaviors are consistent with applicable laws and organizational norms of the media arts industry (copyright, intellectual property laws, credit, liable, permission).
  • CTE 9.0 Leadership & Teamwork - Students learn leadership skills and work in dynamic groups to make proper production decisions and resolve team disputes.
  • CTE 10.0 Technical Knowledge & Skills - Students demonstrate technical skills common to pathways in the Arts, Media, and Entertainment fields.
  • VAPA 2.0 Creative Expression - Students apply artistic processes and technical skills using a variety of genres to communicate meaning and intent of original work.


A top executive at MTV is shopping for fresh ideas. They need to more videos to use. . You and your crew have been invited to submit a sample of your work.


Unit Plan
Music Video Interpretation Assignment  Sample  |  Student Copy
A Short Discussion about Music Videos  Lecture  |  Study Guide
Primer on Ethics & Legal Responsibility - What can I copy?   Lecture  |  Study Guide


2016-17 - Vignette  |  Period 2  |  Period 3 
2014-15 - Period 2  |  Period 4  |  Period 5