The Fan-Tastic Film Project invites students to conduct deep research on a movie of their choice. It challenges them to unpack the back story of the movie and research the key artists that produced it. It also helps students develop academic vocabulary to analyze films. The project challenges students to consider the unique role that film critics play to connect films to the cultural and political context of our society. Students use Google Slides to produce their report and open criticism to a fictitious scholarship board.


  • CTE 1.0 Academics - Students understand that academic content required for entry into postsecondary education and/or employment in the Arts, Media, Entertainment sector.
  • VAPA 1.0 Artistic Perception - Students perceive and respond to films that are highly regarded in the Entertainment Industry. Students express their observations and critiques using academic vocabulary common to the industry.
    • 1.3  Research and analyze the work of an artist and write about the artist's distinctive style and its contribution to the meaning of the work.
  • VAPA Aesthetic Valuing - Students analyze, assess, and derive meaning from films according to the principle elements of art, design, and aesthetics.
    • 4.1  Articulate how personal beliefs, cultural traditions, and current social, economic, and political contexts influence the interpretation of the meaning or message in a work of art.
    • 4.3  Formulate and support a position regarding the aesthetic value of a specific work of art and change or defend that position after considering the views of others.


Earning a college degree or a career certification is expensive but scholarships give you money to pay for related expenses. Receiving a scholarship is a competitive process that includes an application and often an interview.

Suppose you applied for the $1,000 Slick Rock Film Scholarship. During the interview the panel asks you the following question: 
"Tell us about one of your favorite movies."

To answer the panel, you pull out your phone and show them the Fan-tastic Film Project you made in StudioB for Mister Smith. The panel is so impressed at how much you known about your film and the film industry that they place your application in the "top tier" of applicants.



Pay it Forward - StudioB Sample