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Alfred Hitchcock is one of the most studied directors worthy of a close look. Psycho is his most successful film garnering four Academy Nominations including best director. The film has mature content (shower scene with no direct nudity shots, two knife murders with no explicit depiction of the murders, and an implied afternoon trist). The film illustrates the concept of motif and symbolism, the method of creating suspense, and the art of sharp dialog. The script and storyboard are easily accessible. The film includes several scenes that make a good exercises in mise-en-scene analysis.


  • CTE 2.0 Communications - Students understand the principles of effective oral, written, and multimedia communication in various formats and contents (e.g., film genres, posters, marketing materials).
  • VAPA 1.0 Artistic Perception - Students perceive and respond to films that are highly regarded in the Entertainment Industry. Students express their observations and critiques using academic vocabulary common to the industry.
  • VAPA 3.0 Historical and Cultural Context - Students learn the history of film and analyze the role films have played on past and present cultures, noting human diversity.
  • VAPA 4.0 Aesthetic Valuing - Students analyze, assess, and derive meaning from films according to the principle elements of art, design, and aesthetics.