Great teachers shepherd their students from a dependent learning to independent learning by removing scaffolds as their learning confidence grows. This project invites students to assume the role of an independent filmmaker in the context of a film crew. The only scaffold provided is a script. The Comedy Shorts assignment should be used after students have mastered filmmaking basics (pre-production, production, post production). 

The Comedy Shorts assignment provides each film crew with a collection of scripts to choose from. Each script is 2-3 scenes long, containing short, snappy dialog with opportunities for physical comedy.

Each crew will be 5-8 people depending on the number of actors and overlapping roles. Directors should be selected by the teacher based on student performance during the early assignments. Directors need to be in the top tier of students in all areas of film production. They also need to be well respected by their peers, good communicators, and organized. One strategy for crew formation is to allow the Directors to select one or two other crew members they would like to work with. The teacher then fills in the crew with appropriate assignments based on student personalities, abilities and crew needs. Other roles include: actors, camera, lighting, sound, clapper.


  • CTE 9.0 Leadership & Teamwork - Students learn leadership skills and work in dynamic groups to make proper production decisions and resolve team conflicts (leadership styles, value of teamwork, school citizenship, community engagement, organization skills, conflict resolution, consensus building).
  • CTE 10.0 Technical Knowledge & Skill - Students demonstrate technical skills and academic vocabulary common to pathways in the Arts, Media, and Entertainment fields.
  • VAPA 2.0 Creative Expression - Students apply artistic processes and technical skills using a variety of formats and genres to communicate meaning and intent of original work.


A Hollywood Producer has asked you to submit a film in the 2015 Comedy Shorts Film Festival. An industry panel will judge the films and select the best films to be shown at the Festival in the main gym during lunch.



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