The Autobiography Assignment is a great project to place before Christmas break since the product will be a deeply personal DVD gift for mom/dad. The Autobiography motivates students to learn about the documentary film genre by using personal content. In this project, Ken Burns is studied as a dominant filmmaker in this genre. His technique is applied liberally in this project. Students learn efficient techniques for image searching and practice many FCPX skills such as: titles, transitions, clip duration, place command, BW effects, Ken Burns effect, separating audio from video, adding music tracks. 


  • CTE 9.0 Leadership & Teamwork - Students learn leadership skills and work in dynamic groups to make proper production decisions and resolve team conflicts (leadership styles, value of teamwork, school citizenship, community engagement, organization skills, conflict resolution, consensus building).
  • CTE 10.0 Technical Knowledge & Skill - Students demonstrate technical skills and academic vocabulary common to pathways in the Arts, Media, and Entertainment fields.
  • VAPA 2.0 Creative Expression - Students apply artistic processes and technical skills using a variety of formats and genres to communicate meaning and intent of original work.
  • VAPA 5.0 Connections, Relationships, Applications - Students apply film production skills across subject areas. Students develop generative skills that include: creativity, problem solving, communication, time management and resource management. Students learn about careers related to the media and entertainment industry.


The gift-giving season is upon us and you struggle to find that perfect gift for your mom/dad. For mom, a pair of earrings seem too ordinary and for dad, another tie or screwdriver is too common. This year, you decide to make it memorable. You decide to produce an Autobiographical DVD that will bring a smile to their soul and a tear in their eye.