This project invites students to learn the "stop-action" technique in film animation. The project offers a low threshold of technical skills allowing it to flex into a curriculum map at any point in the year. The project is fast-paced, about 10 days (2 weeks). The project includes a lecture on animation history and techniques. It also includes a strong "value-added" component as students are invited to help kindergarten students learning to read better. The students' video animations become a helpful tool to any kindergarten class. This project can also lead to more complicated animation efforts that involve legos, claymation, and even specialized animation 2D or 3D advanced programs.


  • CTE 2.0 Communications - Students understand the principles of effective oral, written, and multimedia communication in various formats and content.
  • CTE 4.0 Technology - Students learn to use emerging technologies toward media industry functions.
  • CTE 7.0 Responsibility & Flexibility - Students exhibit behaviors associated with a high level of responsibility and flexibility toward media arts industry related tasks such as filmmaking.
  • CTE 10.0 Technical Knowledge & Skills - Students demonstrate technical skills common to pathways in the Arts, Media & Entertainment fields, including academic vocabulary.
  • VAPA 2.0 Creative Expression - Students apply artistic processes and technical skills using a variety of formats and genres to communicate meaning and intent of original work.


        Mrs. Smith, kindergarten teacher at Golden Oak Elementary, wants all her students to be good readers. She says that learning the alphabet is that first step to being a good reader. Her students love the Dr. Seuss ABC book. She needs our help. She wants our class to produce a collection of animation videos that teach the upper case and lower case letters of the entire alphabet so she can make them available for her students in class and at their home. She needs each letter to be animated on the screen followed by images of things that start with that letter. She needs the words to be spoken clearly in an expressive, engaging voice. 



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